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About Us

Enter Shopping Bliss.  The World’s Most Artisanal Designer Brands and
Exclusive Pieces for Less.

Welcome to a curated selection of the world’s finest
designers, artisans, and craftspeople, a collection of fashion’s most inspiring
creations carefully sourced through decades of travels, connections, and
fashion experience.

Since 2003, iRunway has invited the world to experience
truly unique and exceptional things off the beaten path.  Its culmination is, the
premiere shopping destination for these objects of desire.

Our intimate connections and collaborative relationship with
established and emerging international brands has yielded exclusive capsule
collections, key limited edition pieces that reflect each designer’s
vision.  Whether it’s a premium bag made
in Italy, or a stunning handmade dress from Morocco, these statement pieces come
from a tradition of excellence in design and craftsmanship.

We have a passion for discovering fresh, new, and exciting
finds in the fashion world.  Our
constantly evolving collection of over 300 iconic designer brands, luxury
clothing, shoes, bags, and accessories features only novel pieces that hold artisanal
value, last a lifetime, and fit your precise budget.

We at iRunway are delighted to offer you this unique
shopping experience that blends fashion excellence with unprecedented value and